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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Marathon Success ...

Holly and Petyo with their medals
 After months of anticipation both Holly and Petyo have completed their half marathon challenge!
On Sunday 17th March the pair woke early and dawned their running shoes then headed to Bught Park to register for the race. Braerannoch were out in force at the end of the road next to Rosedene's where they cheered as they ran passed in a crowd of over 3,000 people. Susie made a great effort by making a brightly coloured poster stating "Holly and Petyo - You're Heroes!" which was greatly appreciated.
The 13.1 mile half marathon took place on a day when the Scottish weather was evident as it was extremely cold and very very wet! but nothing stopped them both.
2 hours and 25 minutes later they approach the finish line

MacTalla showed their support at the swing bridge which spurred them onto the finishing stretch. Running together during the race they bet their target of 2 hours 30minutes arriving at 2 hours 25 minutes over the finish line.

At the finish line with some of their many supporters
The community is so proud of both Holly and Petyo for showing such enthusiasm and raising well over £1000 which will be put towards The Workshops.
There is still time to donate to help them reach their £2000 target so if you wish, log onto:
and leave an online donation!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Come Visit Us Soon ...

Mr Richard Wood - L'Arche Inverness Comedian
Hi there, I am the clown of L'Arche Inverness.
Everybody knows me as I am the wondering drip of Inverness.
Please feel free to come and see us at The Workshops in Drummond Crescent.
Thank you very much and see you soon.
Yours sincerely,
Christian Name:   Richardson Woods

Thursday, 7 March 2013

My Community Story by Amy

Myself and Gina on an outing to Fort William

In 2009, I arrived to the community of L’Arche Inverness as a young, shy but enthusiastic seventeen year old fresh from completing my higher studies.  I had worked for the retail sector of The British Red Cross for approaching two years so I wasn’t oblivious to the ups and downs that comes with working for a charity but L’Arche Inverness was something different; something I never could have imagined to be nestled away in Inverness – a real gem!
From the moment I arrived to the community I was overwhelmed by the seemingly endless streams of smiling faces and warm welcomes which was offered to me as I waited to start my new job on reception.  Although I had applied to work in the office which I knew was situated within a day service for adults with learning disabilities, I could have never anticipated the rollercoaster ride which the last three and a half years has given me.
Very quickly I was able to make use of my qualifications and establish myself within the office – I always get joy from sorting procedures/ paperwork etc which others don’t have time to face or don’t know where to begin but being in the office is much more than that.  I have always been given the opportunity to use my creative flare to make up displays and organise events which can range from 30 – 100 people at times. Kirsty who works within The Workshops is always great at helping to organise the events too – how many “office jobs” would you get the chance to prepare such amazing events/ parties for adults with learning disabilities.
I was very quickly welcomed into the community homes and was involved in the support of our ‘core members’ which was great as we were able to build meaningful and respectful relationships in no time at all. I had also had the opportunity to live in Grianan (one of our community homes) alongside my job at reception. Lilias and Fiona welcomed me to their home with open arms but like any intense family environments we definitely had our ‘arguments’ and didn’t see eye to eye in certain areas – this only brought our relationships closer.
Fiona, Myself, Mark and Derek at The Workshops
Having the opportunity to stay in the community houses was an invaluable experience as I now have a better grasp of the different areas of the community. Living with the girls and other assistants from around the world will be a memory I will cherish forever.  Unfortunately the strain of going between my commitments in the office and house became overwhelming as I felt I could not offer my all to both areas. I now work in the office as an Admin Officer and continue to keep up my close relationships with the core members from Saorsa and Grianan as well as Richard, Mark, Sue and Derrick which is always a pleasure!  I hardly ever go a week without visiting the houses or having some of the core members round for dinner or going to the pub for a quiet pint!
Coming to work in a community is much more than you expect. Of course there is plenty of ‘down’ moments but the ‘up’ moments far outweigh them! I have grown up so much within the community and have been blessed with knowledge, experience, friendships and a fiancĂ© which I may have never got if I had chosen to work in any other place.
Are you are present or ex- assistant/ community member?
If so, please send your stories and photographs to Amy at reception@larcheinverness.com and they will be posted onto our blog!
Get typing and share your experience of community life here in Inverness.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Recognition for Our Homes...

In our homes it is important that we continue to follow the Charter of L'Arche and the teachings of our founder Jean Vanier but we always try to ensure that the community also understands that as a L'Arche community in the UK we are also a professional support provider and that we need to legally meet set standards of care.
We like many other professional support providers across the region, have been hugely impacted by limitations in funding due to the current economic climate we live in. However, despite the challenge to be a more “cost-conscious” support provider, we have continued to strive to provide the high quality, person-centred care which is synonymous of L'Arche.
After recent inspections by our regulator, The Care Inspectorate, all three of their residential homes received outstanding reports and were given quality grades of five in all inspection categories.
Anne Shaw, our Community Leader, would like to thank all involved in the hard work that has gone into ensuring that our homes have been recognised for the outstanding care and support provided on a day to day basis. This is a reflection of the extremely hard work that Holly and the House Leader's (Miska, Meagan and Petyo) along with Amy's Admin Support have put in over the past year to ensure that our good practices have been improved and passed onto all members of the house teams to implement at all times.

Please click on the links below to see our homes inspection reports: