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"Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy" -  proverb

Ian Cameron who passed away in 2000 - a loved member of Braerannoch

Ian was the founding member of L'Arche Inverness coming from Craig Phadrig in March 1975. As a much loved character, many people shared in his sense of humour and speak fondly of many stories involving him.

One of the most famous was when L'Arche founder Jean Vanier, came to visit the community and Ian boldly asked him: "do you have any smokes?" to which Jean replied "No", then "do you have any money?" to which Jean also replied "No" and finally in true "Ian- Style" he said: "Well, your no use then!"

Susie Stewart who lived with Ian for many years also speaks of Ian, often with a little giggle. Susie said: "Ian was smoking lots and lots of cigarettes and he used to tease us. He was a good friend!"

James Fraser who passed away in 2002 - a loved member of Braerannoch

James Fraser arrived to set-up home in L'Arche Inverness in 1980 and was soon established as the community's hit artist and poet. James died five days after his 65th birthday and throughout the time he spent in L'Arche he gave so much inspiration to everyone he came into contact with.

Around the time of his death he was part of a discernment team looking to appoint a new house leader for Braerannoch and at one of these meeting before he passed, he said to Cait McCullagh:

"Each night I go to bed. I don't know if I will get up in the morning, but I have faith in my angels, You've got to have faith."

Cathol Sutherland who passed away in 2008 - a loved member of Braerannoch

Cathol Sutherland was another of Braerannoch's much loved characters who came to L'Arche after living in the Rudolf Steiner Community in Aberdeen. He was often found marching around Braerannoch playing his home-made bagpipes in his full kilt or dressed as a (very serious) disciple  - this gave the neighbours a scare a few times!

Like James, Cathol also enjoyed showing his artistic side and had his signature drawing - The Disciples. Each year Cathol enjoyed the tradition of celebrating his birthday with a big BBQ in the grounds of Braerannoch which was enjoyed by all. As Cathol passed away shortly before his birthday in 2008, the community felt that by still having his BBQ it would be a great way to celebrate his life and time in L'Arche.

Angus More who passed away in 2010 - a loved member of MacTalla

Angus was originally welcomed to An Cala and later moved to MacTalla when it opened. He was a friendly man with a great love for his favourite Coca- cola and Mars Bars!. Angus always welcomed every guest to his home and would even stand by the front door at community events ready to open the door to the next guest who would happen to arrive!

Angus was known in the community workshops for being the best kindling bagger and would always help to get the kindling stocks replenished. Well known as a "cheeky chappy" he was usually find up to his old funny tricks but nevertheless he was a great PAL to many!


We would like to encourage anyone who knows those core members who have passed to leave a comment with memories and stories of them so that we can share in the joy they have brought to many of our lives throughout the time we were in their lives.


  1. I arrived to the community in 2009 to begin my new job in the office and it didn't take long for me to take a shine to Angus who seemed like such a kind and gentle man.

    One of my favourite memories of Angus was at the Workshops Annual Halloween party. I arrived dressed up as a old farmer man and was speaking to Angus as he drank his can of coca-cola. Looking at me blankly he didn't reply to any of my questions.

    So I decided to take my mask off and Angus replied in the most high pitched, suprised voice - "It's you!! My pal." I laughed so much.

  2. It's his anniversary on Tuesday. We were good friends and we spent time at MacTalla. Coca-cola and mars bars!

  3. I'm still going to miss Ian, he swore sometimes which isn't good and he would chase me with his walking stick.

  4. As a very new volunteer, Ian quickly realised that I was the "soft touch" and made me feel really guilty if I didn't bring him in 10 fags however, Simon Meddle gave me formation on how to say no to Ian kindly.

    Going to the local pub with Angus was the best. He always made everybody feel so comfortable and happy while in his company.

  5. Angus. So many memories. He was from the first house I was in at L'arche where he welcomed me for a week or two before I moved to Saorsa - he always kept Mactalla alive. When I came back to Mactalla it was like I had never left and he welcomed me into his home. His friendly nature, his love of Coca-Cola and Mars bars, his greeting "Hi pal!" and phrase "O my day." I also recall him looking after a wee kid related to one of the assistants whilst we were are Nairn beach, and our holiday in Aviemore where we had ice cream and did other fun things. He was stubborn like most Scottish men and sometimes we wound each other up, but we always remained such good friends. Sooner or later we would end up having a big hug and I always cherished those moments of joy. He will be missed, but I have faith and comfort that he is at peace and in the arms of Jesus now.

  6. I used to meet with James a lot and discuss the things that he felt were important to him. He would tell me about what a good House Leader should be, his views on marriage and many other things. I remember this song that he sang about L'Arche: " Pray for the angels living at L'Arche. We're sisters and brothers and will remain in L'Arche, 'cos L'Arche is so beautiful it gives us insight. A warm and tender flavour which pushes away fright. It can be dramatic; it can be hard. But we're sisters and brothers and our hearts are at L'Arche."

  7. Ian could be a tough cookie toward new assistants, but it was as if you had to pass your own initiation when he would ask you: "why are you doing here, do you really like this place? Why not going back to your home, buy a farm, raise chickens, cows, pigs, giraffes, elephants...." then he would laugh, and you'd realize your initiation's challenge is over (for one day at least).
    Ian saw many changes in Inverness over his entire life, and I just hope the frantic business of our modern life didn't overwhelm him too much. Enjoy the peace, my friend.