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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Godly Play success ...

Everybody likes a good story…and in L’Arche we are no exception.
One of our assistants, Hilary Lacroix, is training to be a Godly Play Storyteller. She writes:
Godly Play is hard to describe, it is better understood by taking part! But at the heart of Godly Play is a story told in community.
A small group gather together. All are welcomed and helped to find a comfortable seat, on a chair or on the floor, if they prefer. Everyone takes time to make themselves ready. Around the room are an intriguing array of baskets, boxes and objects, containing attractive wooden and felt items, many of them handmade. These are the stories…which one will the Storyteller choose? Which one does the group need that day? A variety of things are brought into the centre of the circle.
A bag of sand appears, spread out on the floor. “This is the desert…the desert is a dangerous place…it takes courage to go into the desert, but so many important things happened to the People of God in the desert.” Small wooden figures are placed in the sand, and the story of the Exodus slowly unfolds, told by heart, using words sparingly and slowly, accompanied by hand gestures.
At the end of the story, the Storyteller looks up taking the focus from the story to the circle of people seated around the room. Everyone is invited to wonder about the story, either out loud, or silently. One or two questions are asked ‘I wonder what you liked best about this story?’, ‘I wonder what was most important in this story?’
The wondering continues as each one is invited to respond to the story in their own way – through using an array of art materials set out on the table, coming to touch the desert, hold the wooden people of God, look at a book, even to rest quietly. The atmosphere in the room is peaceful; it is a time for each person to use as their own, to explore, think, pray or relax.
After a while, the group is invited to clear away their work and come back together. A candle is lit and those who wish to pray or simply say a ‘thank you’ or express something in their heart, can do so, out loud or silently.
Finally, in L’Arche tradition, we finish by exchanging a sign of peace. People are free to go, but some wish to linger quietly, perhaps to talk or to finish some artwork for a few minutes.
We have experimented with a few of these sessions and they are proving popular especially among our Day Members, so we hope they will become a regular feature in the future.

For those who wish to know more www.godlyplay.org.uk

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Jackie Dean's Birthday ..

It is hard for many of us to believe that Jackie Dean turned the BIG 6 - 0! last week but nevertheless it is very true.
MacTalla planned a lovely meal for Jackie to enjoy with her friends and those she lives with and The Workshops prepared a lovely hamper on behalf of the community to give her as a gift.

Anne, Erika and Barbara

After a brilliant idea from Anne Shaw we managed to fill the hamper with 60 things that Jackie would like in order mark her 60th birthday.

Wishing a truly charming lady another year of delight!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Our Shrove Tuesday Event ...

On Tuesday 12th February, The Community celebrated Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) by having a Pancake Party which was organised by The Faith Life Group alongside some help from The Workshops.
The Party seemed to be a great success as each house and The Snug made mountains of tasty pancakes, we had a selection of mouth-watering fillings such a jams, chocolate spread, lemon, sugar, berries, bananas and plenty of squirty cream and plenty of crafts such as 'Mardi Gras' Mask making, banner painting and a brilliant pancake tossing competition!
In true L'Arche style we came together to join hands to say grace before tucking in and letting the fun begin! We must note that Petyo Brodnan took the trophy for the most pancakes tossed, Brendan came 3rd place, Holly Hiles came 2nd place and Sydney Fraser came 1st place in the most stylish pancake toss.Congratulation to them all!
  Have a look at some of the pictures from the afternoon:
Waiting for the pancakes to arrive

Getting ready to add their touch to the banner

Karen and Hayley making masks

Holly with her Mardi Gras mask

The pancake competition winners

Claire and Mark from MacTalla

Lilias and Clare Gardom (ex brae assistant)

Babs, Anna and Jeong waiting to tuck in

Anna helping herself to the delicious pancakes

Karen, Sylwia, Hayley, Maria and Emma enjoying the afternoon

Erika enjoying the spread

Graham and Brendan having a good time

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Community Visit ...

Last week Anthony Kramers and Louise Redwood travelled up from L'Arche Edinburgh to join the community to see how life has being going for all it's members and to discuss our latest sets of priorities.

During their visit they meet with many people and groups from across the community such as The Listening Group, The Co-ordination Team, Community Council, Local Committee and The Faith Life Group. This was a brilliant opportunity for all to put ideas on the table regarding how the community can make the latest set of priorities achievable and for other ways to move the community forward. This was also a great platform to discuss the current issues that the community and its members are facing such as finances, paper work and lots more.

While here The Workshops hosted a 'Takeaway Lunch' in their honour which gave the whole community an opportunity to come together and socialise over a hot meal of fish and chips! At the gathering Simon Meddle taught the community a new song with Holly showing us all the makaton signs. This was a great pathway for Anthony and Louise to then address the community. After Louise read a passage from the Bible, Anthony went onto tell a powerful story about community life and how we need to accept our own and other people's weaknesses.

Have a look at these lovely pictures of the day: