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Monday, 18 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Rather belatedly, but no less warmly, L'Arche Inverness wishes you a wonderful 2010 - we hope your year has been good so far, and we also hope that this year will give you the opportunity to stay in touch and maybe visit us - the door is always open, and someone in the community is usually just about to put the kettle on! As you can see, Braerannoch looked even more beautiful in the snow, and gave some community members the chance to be very creative - a unique L'Arche snowark, built by Brae assistant, Bruno.

However, it has to be said, that much as we enjoyed looking at the snow, we are quite glad to see it going, especially the Garden Workshop who have done a lot of digging recently! Still, at least they are starting the New Year fitter than perhaps some of us...

Everyone enjoyed the Christmas break, and the chance to relax and celebrate together. But, even though Christmas and New Year are past, the celebrations never stop in L'Arche! There are lots of birthdays in the community just now, notably Angus who has just reached the milestone of 60 - we'll be celebrating all together with him in fine Scottish fashion on Burn's Night, so hopefully there will be some pictures to share with you then. There has been a bit of humming of a well-known Beatles song, as Syd (below) celebrated his 64th birthday with a wonderful party in his cosy flat. Lilias helped make the cake, and we all enjoyed helping Syd finish it! Tracey's birthday is also coming up, so any hopes of keeping diet resolutions in the next wee while look rather unlikely!

With much love from us all at L'Arche Inverness
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