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Friday, 2 November 2012

The Workshops Halloween Party...

Tim and Maria outside The Workshops

The Workshop's Annual Halloween Party was an even bigger success this year with the standard of costumes at the highest yet! Organised by Amy and Kirsty, The Workshops were completely made over with help from Thomas and Simon who made the girls ideas and props come to life.


The Workshops open casket
The outside of The Workshops was decorated with big tombstones, an open casket, boarded up windows, big spider webs and even bigger spiders - all of which were put together on a small budget. Outside, Maria and her brother Tim also decorated her car fantastically with many decorations and a "VAMP 1" number plate. This was a lovely surprise for us all.

Derek Thain as Harry Potter

Syd and Connie in their costumes
Inside the theme continued with surprises lurking in every corner. Richard Sutherland was the Dj for the night and he kept everyone dancing. There was the usual games planned but Richard's Dj'ing was so good that everyone just wanted to dance.

Becky who wan "Sweetest Costume" as a Harry Potter character and Amy

Tracey as a fairy and Ionutsa who wan "Best Female Costume"

Ania and her daughter Ola who wan "Scariest Costume"
The Snug was transformed into a Spooky Cinema with a choice of Halloween themed DVD's and some of our very own candles which created a lovely quieter area for people to relax in when they needed a rest.

Jim, Innes and Fraser from Dickson's of Inverness came as guest judges

Fiona as a witch alongside Elaine and Audrey who were also guest judges!
Many of our friends outwith the community came to join in the party. Jim, Innes and Fraser from Dickson's of Inverness were judges along with Elaine and her friend Audrey - they had such hard decisions to make as the costumes very absolutely fantastic! The winners were:

Best Male Costume – Ross Hrycenko
Best Female Costume – Ionutsa McClelland
Worst Costume – Simon Meddle
Scariest Costume – Ola (Ania Skorupka’s daughter)
Sweetest Costume – Rebecca Harris
Most Creative Costume – Luise Peters
Best Pumpkin – The Workshops
Most Creative Pumpkin – Saorsa
Well done to all the winners. Here are some more photographs for you all to enjoy!

Elissa with her impressive spider costume and Paul as the Captain of the Titanic

Lovely Brea as our friendly witch

Our House Leaders - Miska and Petyo looking extremely scary!

Brendan as a scary Warewolf and Graham as a creepy Vampire

Susie as a lovely School Teacher

Ben as a Golden Snitch from Harry Potter

Leo and Jeong the MacTalla assistants in their costumes

Kerry and Meagan as Super Heroes

The Workshops winning "Best Pumpkin" and the award along with The Offices "drunk" pumpkin