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Friday, 31 August 2012

The Findhorn Foundation...

A group consisting of Hayley, Gina, Fiona DJ, Rebecca, Kerry, Kirsty, Erika, Maria, Pierre and Holly went to stay in the nearby Findhorn Foundation for a lovely week of planned activities which was a real treat.
The group came back to our community and told us many stories about their visit to the findhorn group and said that they had a fantastic time. They were involved in many activities including prayers, working with clay and joining in the canteen with the others which was great.
While there they particularly noticed how beautiful the houses and gardens were kept and also how they had a tree boutique.  The tree boutique which was where people can leave accessories and items of clothing for others to claim seemed to work great and a similar idea might be used in our community for assistants and core members to enjoy.
They experienced a full week of fun - If you want to learn more about the Findhorn Foundation please log onto their website: www.findhorn.org and experience their community which has amazing reached it's 50th year. Go on you will be inspired!

Wow! Look at this makeover...

I think it's fair to say that Hayley's bedroom in MacTalla has been transformed into a little palace for her to enjoy spending time in.
Hayley's Mum and Dad helped MacTalla to transform her room by assisting Hayley to choose and buy a new carpet and furniture which looks absolutely fantastic! I think everyone will agree that the bedroom looks elegant and very well put together. 
I am sure that Hayley will enjoy every moment in her newly decorated room!
Hayley's lovely new dressing table and chest of drawers

The new girly bed

Have a look at all her medals hanging up - Wow!

Monday, 27 August 2012

George's new home...

After surviving living in the tank in Simon's bedroom in Braerannoch. George and his friends were rescued and set-up home in The Workshops, where Amy and Simon care for them. Unfortunately, the 'make-shift' tank that was salvaged to save them was far too small.

George and his three other friends have been re-homed in a much bigger and better tank.
Maria Verrecchia who is a volunteer in The Workshops donated the new tank and helped Amy and Simon to re-home them and set up the tank properly.
Maria and Simon now care for the fish between them and look how happy the are!
In their new home!

Zara & Hannah Ross meet Spencer!

Zara and Hannah Ross met with one of the star's of the hit children's TV programme - Balamory last week.
While in Pitlochry the girls met Rodd and his wife, Aleta, who plays Spencer on the show. This was very exciting and they even managed to get a quick photograph with them both before they move back to the USA.
You lucky girls!
The girls with Spencer

Meeting his lovely wife too!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Grianan Makeover...

This week saw Grianan's 'tired and dated' living room transformed into a purple paradise!
The assistants helped by Lilias and Derek took the time to strip off the old wallpaper which took a lot of effort to say the least! After a few days of struggling by hand they were kindly lent a wallpaper steamer which made the job a million times easier.
Looking like a episode of 'Changing Rooms' the living room soon began to take shape with the beautiful plum coloured feature wall being painted alongside the other cream walls.
Lilias and Miska then went shopping for the girly accessories to tie the room together - new curtains, a side light, funky shelving and some small purple tea light holders.
As you can see it doesn't cost much to make a house a modern home as they managed to brighten up Grianan by only spending around £150!!

Lilias cleaning up the mess Derek is making

Lilias working hard to get the wallpaper off

Miska and Derek getting the last few bits
And the final result ...
A new living room fit for Fiona and Lilias

The new layout!
A job well done! :)

Offer of New Service...

Residential Vacancy in Braerannoch
Our founding house, Braerannoch

We would like to welcome a new person with a learning disability to this household where we endeavour to create a ‘family-type’ atmosphere where the adults with learning disabilities live alongside Assistants who support them in a way that encourages development of personal skills but at all times respects each person as an individual.
The vacancy would suit either a man or a woman who wishes to live with others in a community setting.  The household can support six people with a learning disability, and has a shared sleepover with a view for the support being offered to be a long-term placement
Those interested in this opportunity to move in to Braerannoch are invited to phone for the pack of Information, available in different formats.
The moving-in process has several stages, and informal enquiries are welcome.
The fee is dependent on the hours of assessed support.
To register your interest ot to arrange an informal visit to Braerannoch, please contact:
Anne Shaw
Community Leader
01463 239 615

Thursday, 23 August 2012


A warm welcome to the world!
The community received wonderful news from Philine who is a long term assistant and good friend of the community in the summer holidays, that she had given birth to a healthly baby girl.
This was exciting news and everyone would like to congratulate Paul, Philine and Lente on the joyful arrival of their daughter and sister - Heather Belia Robinson.
Heather was born on the 6th August and weighed a wonderful 6lb 6oz (2880g). On Heather's arrival we received a beautiful card with the following words:
" Welcome little one
Embraced by love
Open your arms
In awe and wondeer
Open your arms
Embrace life."
We would like to wish the family well with their new addition and hope to see them all soon!