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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Atlanta fundraising off to a slow start...

On Friday 27th April we have began to make arrangements for a Spring Fundraiser at The Workshops as part of our fundraising for Atlanta! As the date comes ever more closer we will be looking for donations for stalls and raffles to help get the fundraiser up and running. If you think you can help please get in touch on 01463 239615.

Also, Catherine Logan who is Chair of the Woman's Guild in the Inverness and Nairn area, has sent out some letters to ask people to join a 'Friend's of L'Arche' group which will be a great boost for the community too. However, if you have not recieved a letter and wish to get involved please do get in contact with Anne Shaw on the above telephone number for more information.

As with any big project - like Atlanta - we will be hoping to fundraise approximately £2000 in order to cover flights and other costs. With such a huge amount we realise this will be a massive challenge and we hope that we can make use of any donations no matter how big or small. In the office, work has began on small fundraising boxes which we hope to distribute to the churches which are friends of the community. If you would like to suggest any other possible ways to fundraise please contact Amy at reception@larcheinverness.com. - Any comments appreciated!

It's nearly the holidays...

As the holidays fast approach, it is nice to see everybody is in high spirits especially with all the excitement of the Easter arrangements! On Thursday 5th April the community will gather together at the beautiful Ness Bank Church for our annual Passover meal and Foot washing ceremony.

All the houses have been preparing some Passover Lamb for everyone to enjoy - as you can imagine it is always interesting to see each houses take on the Lamb as it is prepared in many different ways depending on how experimental the chef will be! To accompany the Lamb there will be a Bitter Herb Salad and Unleavened Bread.

After the meal together we will be coming together in a few small groups either to wash the feet or hands of the person sitting next to you.

Other Easter celebrations to look forward to in the holidays are the annual Stations of the Cross ceremony and the Easter Egg Hunt both which are held in the grounds of Braerannoch!

In the build up to the Easter Holidays-
 The Garden Workshop have been pulling out all the stops to try and advance forward with the Poly- Tunnel Project at The Workshops. The team have worked extremely hard to get the first flowerbed in place and the paving. Well done everyone!

The Candle have produced hundreds of pounds worth of Easter candles complete with small chicks/ rabbits sitting on top! These have all nearly sold out!

The houses have been organising the holidays with trips here, there and everywhere including small picnics and pub nights

And The Snug has been working hard producing lovely decorations to put up in the main hallway of our Workshops. This has been a real group effort as you can see ...

Wishing you all a Happy Easter - remember The Workshops will be closed from Friday 6th April until Monday 16th April when we will reopen at 9am. If you need to speak to someone in the case of an emergency please contact our Reference Person on 07926 379 081.