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Monday, 20 October 2014

Exploring Our Mandate

Anthony visited the community last week to support us in updating our current Mandate.
What is a Mandate you ask? A mandate looks at the vision of L'Arche Inverness. It helps us to see our priorities for the next three years.
We invite all of our community members and friends of the community to help us update our mandate.
You could help us too if you have any ideas or suggestions. Below are some of the questions we ask when looking at our priorities for the next few years.

What has been good in 
 L'Arche Inverness ?

What has been difficult in L'Arche Inverness

What do we need to do more of?
What new things should we do to help us grow?

If you would like to help us with our mandate by offering feedback please email Holly at holly.hiles@larche.org.uk

please sent this by November, 24, 2014.

Thank you,
All at L'Arche Inverness

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Celebrating 40 Years of L'Arche UK

L'Arche UK Celebrates 40 Years!

 21 members of L'Arche Inverness travelled to Canterbury last weekend to take part in L'Arche UK's 40th anniversary.
L'Arche members from all around the UK met for a weekend of remembering, celebrating and giving thanks for 40 great years together.
Therese Vanier who sadly passed away a few weeks prior to the event was acknowledged for her contribution to forming the particular identity of L’Arche in the United Kingdom. 
Eileen Glass;Vice-International Leader, delivered a wonderful talk alongside readings from Ministers from around the UK. Fiona Smith; minister at Ness Bank Church in Inverness took part in the weekend and L'Arche Inverness were pleased to have her represent the community. She is pictured above. 
There were gleaming smiles all around as the sun shined throughout the pilgrimage along the cobbled streets of Canterbury.
A community gathering will be held early September to share photos from the event.
Ideas have started blossoming in Inverness as we think about celebrating 40 years of L'Arche Inverness next year.

      Therese Vanier

Friday, 20 June 2014

       Thank You For A Successful Open Day 

Thank you to those who came along to our Open Day last Friday. Look at all the generous donations we received for our raffle sale. We are touched by the amount of support from our friends and family which made it such a special day. 

 It was great to see so many familiar faces and we are pleased to have met some new friends too. 
We are well on our way to reaching our fundraising goal of attending the L'Arche Jubilee in July. 
Our grand total for the day was £551.27!
Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen. 

If you are interesting in making a donation towards our attendance of L'Arche Jubilee or would like more information on what it is please contact the  Holly at: holly.hiles@larche.org.uk
or tel: 01463239615   

We look forward to hosting another open day in the near future, until then keep checking out our blog for upcoming events.